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Why the iAlert Solution?
Organizations Can’t Protect Critical Facilities Due to Outdated Legacy Security Equipment in a Time of Dramatic Increases in Terroristic Threats

Why is the iAlert Solution Better?
The iAlert High Security Software Provides Brains for Security Cameras and Sensors to Create Intelligent Systems, incorporating GPS to Analyze Surroundings to Stop Intruders, Hundreds of Times Faster than Humans Can

Where is the iAlert Solution used?
The iAlert High Security is used in the Protection of the Electric Grid, Large City Water Treatment, Nuclear Power, Military, Transportation, Schools and other Critical Infrastructure

Customer Service:
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Pivotal Vision’s iAlert High Security Autonomous Surveillance System is an IP-based video and device management platform built around Pivotal Vision’s revolutionary Geo-terrestrial sensor analytics. Because the iAlert High Security system combines video, device management and advanced sensor analytics, the iAlert High Security System is always performing real-time situational analysis which allows the users to spend more time gaining real-time situational awareness making users of the system more efficient and proactive when managing hundreds of cameras and sites.

The iAlert High Security System, utilizing real-time edge autonomous and smart monitoring technology, sends live and captured video only upon the occurrence of an incident. This exception based technology creates an advanced network environment capable of handling large volumes of video and device triggers which allows these devices to immediately generate and send event information, associated alarm information and real-time video to the systems users.

Specifically designed for high-risk, high-profile security environments, the iAlert High Security System can be configured for a single standalone site with hundreds of cameras or as independent sites with hundreds of cameras. The proven scalability and usability of the iAlert High Security System federated architecture makes the amount of cameras, sensors, sites and users limitless.


Pivotal Vision's iAlert System has unlimited expansion capabilities of surveillance assets over a large site or multiple remote sites


The iAlert adaptive analytics tracks an object in motion,
with a changing background, using a moving camera

The iAlert System displays all historical alarm events and camera recordings available for user display.